Saturday, August 18, 2007

retro patio

i've decided to put my craigslist addiction to good use. since i am already obsessively watching the columbus, oh furniture "for sell" listings everday...i have decided to post some of the great finds. so far i have found a great vintage dresser ($30) and 1960's chrome lamp with glass globes ($25) and i am am on the hunt for a couple more items to decorate our home.

i'm going to post some of the cool things i find that i would buy if i had the money or space or that are just so cool that someone should buy them! maybe someday i'll expand to other cities, but for now let's stick with columbus, oh. my focus is on finding great pieces at a great price.

today's pick is a vintage patio set. i think this set is just so lovely and the floral seat cushions give it a fun kick. it would look great on the patio of one of my friends who has an adorable ranch style house out by the lake. i can just picture a fun lady's luncheon on this table with chicken salad sandwiches, petit fours and iced tea.

if you want to see more click here for the full listing. it's going for $150 and it's been posted several times over the past few months. someone buy it!


wordcraft said...

Neat. Glad you're back to blogging. I missed you!

andrea said...

very VERY cute. and so hard to resist. too bad I don't live in the area! although I'm guessing that set is long gone now.