Tuesday, September 19, 2006


to sum it up....
it was fabulous.
there was a romantic dinner for two at spagio , followed a week later by a small dinner party hosted by zabs and
nathan and irene. this incredible (and when i say incredible i mean incredible) cake from the famous mrs. goodman's bakery with melt in your mouth icing and lemon raspberry filling, flowers, presents too pretty to unwrap, a box filled to the brim that seemed to have no end with treasures from my mom from earrings and stationary to the sweetest little biue bird tea cups and all manner of delightful goodness, wonderful phone calls and messages from old friends, cards that are still hanging on my wall for me to enjoy just a little while longer, the best lemon pound cake in the world during a wonderful labor day trip to my dad's by the ocean where i also received wonderful gifts and more nostalgic vinyl that i'll tell you about another day, a delightful lunch and pedicure with my friend rachael, a wonderful dinner with my friend lorien and more presents and hillarious cards.

there was too much really, i am blessed beyond description. it's too much love for me to fathom. i don't know if i am spoiled rotten or just the luckiest girl in the world.

then to top it all off, my boyfriend spent days making me what may be the world's only yacht rock soundtrack....no, not just cd's with every single song from the entire series in order....but the vinyl records to go with it so that i own what may also be the world's only true yacht rock vinyl collection.

it was one of my favorite birthdays ever in life.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i can feel it coming.

it's creeping up, slowly but surely. today i can really feel it in the wind that blows past me from my open window. the tree outside, the one that acts as a signal for all the seasons is starting to show tips of orangey red on the once bright green leaves. there may be some more days to come of indian summer but i know autumn is coming. i can feel it. it's my favorite season of all.