Saturday, October 28, 2006


this little blue bird card from good on paper

this bit of vintage fabric from the blogof designer lena corwin, as well as her gorgeous wedding featured in martha stewart weddings summer '06 issue. i found these photos of the lovely event on flickr featuring "artfully mismatched fabrics and crockery".

Thursday, October 26, 2006

knitted wedding

check it out, it's a wedding made of yarn. even. the food. seriously.
check it

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

i'm looking forward to this

last year two christmas cd's filled my ears with delicious christmas sounds so nice i made them both my exclusive music for the season. the christmas cd from the listener & dust was one of them. i just found got a nice little promo email on myspace saying that this year the duo is going on a christmas tour with promises of fresh music, hot cocoa and bad sweaters. sounds good to me! here are the tour dates, i'm going to do my level best to make it to the ohio show.*

FR 12/1 - Jacksonville, FL
SA 12/2 - Fort Lauderdale, FL
SU 12/3 - Tampa, FL
MO 12/4 - Macon, GA
TU 12/5 - Nashville, TN
WE 12/6 - Louisville, KY
TH 12/7 - Cincinnati, OH
FR 12/8 - Butler, PA
SA 12/9 - Holland, MI
SU 12/10 - Fort Wayne, IN
MO 12/11 - Muncie, IN
TU 12/12 - St. Louis, MO
WE 12/13 - Springfield, MO

*i stole that phrase 'i'll do my level best' from my friend robert in amsterdam. i love the way it sounds. 'level best'. that's like better than best.

location, location, location

my first big task in this wedding planning whirlwind is to find the venue. it is definitely more of a challenge than i had thought. there are soooo many places. of course, alot get ruled out quickly due to the price or the location or even just the decor. i am trying to be creative since we are on a limited budget. today we looked at gorgeous church downtown. we are trying to have the reception and wedding in the same place if possible. so we are trying to find a unique location or a church near downtown that has a fellowship hall big enough for dancing and a reception. i would love to find an art gallery or loft type space, but the more i look the more i think that's just a pipe dream. honestly, no matter where it is, i know it's going to be wonderful. however, i think i understand more know why they tell you to prioritize and determine what things at the wedding matter most to you. outside of the spiritual aspect, the LOVE aspect and the music.....i guess location is a big deal to me. it seems to me if we find the right place, it will just make everything come together so much more smoothly. suggestions anyone?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

and so it begins...

ok, all you lovelies that read my blog. the planning is in full force. my brain is going 800 miles an hour thinking of cakes, venues, catering, dresses, decorations and the works. it's funny how quickly the planning start once you are engaged. everyone has different ideas and plans for you. i love it all. it's so much fun!

so i am calling out to you married ladies out there and i asking for your advice and ideas. what do you wish you had done differently? what did you learn the hard way? what did you do right that you loved. i want to hear it all.

will this turn into a bridal blog? that's what's on my brain so chances are that's going to come up alot in all my conversations for the next 7 months till the lovely day we have picked out, may 19th, 2007. i can't wait! :)

here's the wedding blog/sites that i am reading and enjoying with some thrown in that aren't dedicated to weddings but have written about their own weddings with beautiful style, if you know of others that are a must see let me know:

something old something new

wedding register

wedding bee

oh joy

cupcakes on a monday

there are more, but i will save them for another day.....
back to researching venues!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

we're engaged!!

we're engaged, originally uploaded by goldiestereo.

it's official! he proposed and i, of course, said YES!

Monday, October 02, 2006


not goodbye but see you later to old friends, hello to long lost loved ones, taking deep breaths, quitting jobs and beginning a brand, brand new kind of job, stopping, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, feeling the cool breeze, hearing the wind in the trees, seasons changing, breathing some more, letting go of stress, taking new steps.