Monday, July 31, 2006

quote of the week

"be careful what you think about. the more you think about good things, the better your life will seem."
joyce meyer

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

sites and sounds

lately it seems like i have been on a media bender. i think in the last two weeks, i've seen more movies than i have in the past 6 months. i think last summer was like that too. not only that i have been digging around and finding a ton of interesting blogs to read and add to my beloved rss feed. the floral swatch above was found on one of the many blogs i've been reading lately, design sponge .
there's been good music around too and some great concerts are coming up (sufjan in september, danielson this thursday in cleveland!). here's a sample of some of the stuff i've been seeing and enjoying lately:


nathan smart's song blog is my boyfriend's brand new song review blog. he will be reviewing random songs from his itunes and the best part is you can read about the tune and listen to it too. go on over and show him some love while you enjoy the music.

oh joy simply lovely

stereo gum coolness

la coquette a french-american girl blogs from paris

|||culinary blogs|||

ok, so i knew these existed but what i did not know was how much i'd enjoy reading about these cooks descriptions of their culinary exploration. here's a couple i've particularly enjoyed, there are so many more and maybe i'll just add them to my sidebar eventually:

cupcake bakeshop

the unemployed cook

blackballed: the bobby dukes story
hilarious mockumentary of a paintball super star, definitely check this out on dvd. it's not in theaters anymore.

the lady in the water
i disagree with the critics, to me this movie was thoroughly enjoyable. i have only seen one of mns' other movies and went into it with close to zero expectations. supposedly, this was originally a bedtime story that mns told his children, if you going into it knowing that i think it makes it even more entertaining.

strangers with candy
very funny. just as funny if not more so than the television series.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

oh, how i love to receive flowers. it has to be one of my all time favorite things in life. flowers of any kind are always wonderful and appreciated but i especially love unique and tropical blossoms. so, imagine my delight when nathan brought me this gorgeous flower before our date last night. what is about flowers that just make you feel so loved? to any gentlemen out there reading, buy your girl a flower today. she will be so happy.

Friday, July 14, 2006


hearing: kmart jazz on the muzak
drinking:, cold bottle of aquafina
holding: my laptop,
sitting: in a comfy leather couch at panera
fighting: carb temptations
thinking: of going on a date to little italy and seeing this movie tonight, a hip hop book for kids, this quote and creativity in general.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

le cool

if you are traveling to europe sometime soon...or like me and would just like to pretend that you are jetting off to london, barcelona, madrid, amsterdam or lisboa (a.k.a. lisbon) this weekend.......then is for you. it is self described as "...a Spanish-based publisher of highly selective editorial products. It began in February 2003 with le cool magazine Barcelona, a free and funky weekly agenda sent by email in English and Spanish. It recommends bars, restaurants and unusual experiences, always with an eye for the personal and unpredictable." i am just learning about it today, after having read about it at (the aptly named), but it's so popular that there is now a book available for purchase, titled "le cool changed my life". raise your hand if just reading this makes you want this book too! view some sample pages and buy your own copy here

Thursday, July 06, 2006

one word

i am doing something i have never done before....taking a meme from someone's blog that i don't know. it's from
this one. i think it's fun. if you like it too....consider yourself tagged.

one word for......

yourself = unique
your partner = amazing
your hair = blonde-ish
your mother = lovely
your father = cool
your favorite item = cellphone
your dream last night = forgotten
your favorite drink = lemontea
your dream home = urban
the room you're in = comforting
your pleasure = ocean
your fear = dark
where you want to be in 10 years = love
who you hung out with last night = women
what you're not = loud
your best friends = incredible
one wish list item = vacation
your gender = female
the last thing you did = swimming
the last thing you ate = ice cream
your life = blessed
the last person you talked to on the phone = boyfriend
who are you thinking of right now = you