Monday, August 27, 2007

owen wilson

so many articles being posted and written right now about the sad news of owen wilson's hospitalization. behind all that celebrity there's a human being with a broken heart. it makes me sad.

no one seems to even mention bottlerocket in his film credits, so here's my tribute to one of my all time favorite movies. after all, the name of this blog is from a quote from that movie. owen, if you are out there somewhere on the internets......we're praying for you. hang in there.


ntutak said...

I am with you, both in well wishes for Owen and Bottle Rocket being on of my favorite movies. Great stuff, very underrated!

andrea said...

I was so sad to hear about owen wilson. doesn't he seem like a different person now that he's gone mainstream hollywood? I know I must sound like a snob but I can't help it. I miss the bottle rocket owen. I feel protective of that owen. nobody seems to have seen that film (even those who claim to be wes anderson fans)... yet I believe it was his strongest, funniest smartest film (with rushmore a close second). and I think that was owen wilson at his best. maybe I just feel that way because it's my all time favorite movie, I don't know. still, I'm praying for him. and I feel like watching bottle rocket again so I can see the old owen in action.

Brad Moist said...

happy belated birthday