Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

currently loving

my new macbook! :)

my husband not just for buying me a laptop as a huge surprise, but also because he's wonderful AND because he further surprised me with flowers to celebrate my very first brand new computer after years of hand me down computer cast offs.

my job (yes! i said it! i actually love my new job)

the thought of saving up to go to this

plans with my friend for a day of photo exploring

sweet memories of sun filled days at the beach

daydreaming about paint colors for the new apt we'll move to in may

hints of spring in the air, windows open and 70 degree weather

counting the days till the billy joel concert

reading books again

looking forward to our first anniversary

road trip ahead to see my much missed family soon

flowers popping up here and there :)

this and this and the song here but not so much the video, and the webcast here featuring my all time favorite announcer.