Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a little taste

a mint?
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i want to sit here and blog for hours about the wedding and how amazing it was, how beautiful and perfect and surreal. how amazing our friends and their talents without whom it would not be possible. i want to tell you how fun it is to be married and how free i feel. i would like to bottle up that feeling of having almost all your favorite people in the world all together in one place to see you marry your most favorite person in the world and take that feeling and let it bubble over like a champagne shower on you all. ..but we are leaving for part 2 at 7am in the morning. we have another wedding reception in GA and there will be more petit fours and maybe even cupcakes and more magnolia leaves and more love and more stories to tell. so for now here's just a taste. these melt in your mouth little cheesecake thumbprint cookies were made by two angels, who also go by the names of jade and erin, who managed to whip up the most delectable display of desserts i have ever seen or tasted anywhere.