Monday, February 26, 2007

i'd love to tell you that i am sailing through the wedding planning process like an old pro. i thought i would you know, especially since i have been a bridesmaid at least 14 times (no kidding). it sure is alot different though when you are the bride. my biggest ordeal lately is a little something my dad calls 'paraylsis of analysis". i am stuck on a couple of key descions that have to be made....yesterday. i've simply looked at too many options. i have to just take a deep breath and realize that there is always going to be a more attractive option out there that will most certainly come along about 2 seconds after i finally decide and will be further enhanced by the fact that i have finally picked something ruling out any other options.

fortunately, at the end of the day on may 19th, it will not matter whether or not the candles or flowers or dresses or music are perfect..........nathan and i will be married. the miracle has already happened, we fell in love. if that can happen......everything else is simple.

guitar hero

he'll always be my guitar hero

Saturday, February 17, 2007

this photo is so amazing i had to share it. this is nathan, my fiance, with his good friend zachariah at a recent show they did opening up for john reuben's new cd release party. the two of them make up the power-accapella/comedy duo known as 'indie blockedappella". our friend, nick fancher of shutter-think photography took this after the performance. nick also happens to be doing the photography for our wedding. when he approached us with the idea we were very excited. check out more of his amazing work here

Sunday, February 11, 2007

out of service

i'm out of comission for a minute. :( feels like i am missing a limb without my laptop but help for it is on the way. 3-7 business days and i should be back in business. meanwhile, somone very nice let's me borrow their computer on occasion.....the wedding plans keep rolling along (food, photography, dresses and honeymoon are pretty much wrapped up! just a few more things now). have a wonderful day. i'll be back soon.