Tuesday, March 30, 2010

reliving the magic

last week we went on vacation with my husband's family to disney world. it was amazing. definitely one of the best vacations i've ever been on. i guess the best part of going to disney world as an adult with no children (yet) is all the nostalgia. i had not been back since i was 13 to the magic kingdom and probably since i was 10 to epcot. it was my first visit to the animal kingdom and hollywood studios. visually i couldn't get enough of "it's a small world", the colors and the art design had me captivated. i loved going to the carousel of progress and being instantly transported to being there as a child. i love every detail i could find anywhere that they have kept the same all these years and enjoyed the new rides while lamenting the loss of "mr toad's wild ride" and "if you had wings". the place is truly magical. it's unbelievable the pains they go through to take care of every last detail. even the quick service food was really good. epcot is probably my favorite, where you can go globetrotting in a day and then travel to the future. i loved shopping in the stores and bought my first presents for our little girl in japan and the united kingdom. nathan stole my heart when he came back with a toy he found for her on his own. we had so much fun together remembering so many things we enjoyed as children there. it was so sweet to dream together of the day we can take our little girl there. for a lover of mid century modern - there are many treasures to be found in the magic kingdom, epcot and hollywood studios. we ate at a diner that was decorated like a 50's kitchen with all the kitschy decor to match. the fried chicken was good but mostly i loved just looking at the decor and pretending to be transported in time. going to florida always makes me nostalgic as well, since i lived there three times as a kid. it makes me homesick every time. swimming, sunshine, great food, rides (even ones for expectant mommies), bits of mid century modern design, childhood memories, hanging out with the love of my life, laughter...it doesn't get much better than this.