Tuesday, October 24, 2006

location, location, location

my first big task in this wedding planning whirlwind is to find the venue. it is definitely more of a challenge than i had thought. there are soooo many places. of course, alot get ruled out quickly due to the price or the location or even just the decor. i am trying to be creative since we are on a limited budget. today we looked at gorgeous church downtown. we are trying to have the reception and wedding in the same place if possible. so we are trying to find a unique location or a church near downtown that has a fellowship hall big enough for dancing and a reception. i would love to find an art gallery or loft type space, but the more i look the more i think that's just a pipe dream. honestly, no matter where it is, i know it's going to be wonderful. however, i think i understand more know why they tell you to prioritize and determine what things at the wedding matter most to you. outside of the spiritual aspect, the LOVE aspect and the music.....i guess location is a big deal to me. it seems to me if we find the right place, it will just make everything come together so much more smoothly. suggestions anyone?


Karen said...

the art museam is a beautiful place for a wedding and reception, but i think it's really expensive.

the other thing to consider is whether or not you are planning on having alchohol. if you are, a lot of churches with halls may be out. i don't know.

are you pretty commited to the idea of having it downtown? what about that one old hardward building down there (the name totally escapes me right now). or the columbus music hall (it's small, but beautiful).

lulu said...

yes, i would highly recommend same place for wedding and reception. i didnt have it that way, and by the time we made it over to the reception it was difficult to spend any time with anybody. and i would not recommed a dessert reception. we were so sweeted out!

andrea said...

I agree with lulu-- if you can have it all in one place, or at least really close... that's definitely the way to go!