Wednesday, October 18, 2006

and so it begins...

ok, all you lovelies that read my blog. the planning is in full force. my brain is going 800 miles an hour thinking of cakes, venues, catering, dresses, decorations and the works. it's funny how quickly the planning start once you are engaged. everyone has different ideas and plans for you. i love it all. it's so much fun!

so i am calling out to you married ladies out there and i asking for your advice and ideas. what do you wish you had done differently? what did you learn the hard way? what did you do right that you loved. i want to hear it all.

will this turn into a bridal blog? that's what's on my brain so chances are that's going to come up alot in all my conversations for the next 7 months till the lovely day we have picked out, may 19th, 2007. i can't wait! :)

here's the wedding blog/sites that i am reading and enjoying with some thrown in that aren't dedicated to weddings but have written about their own weddings with beautiful style, if you know of others that are a must see let me know:

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cupcakes on a monday

there are more, but i will save them for another day.....
back to researching venues!


Glamorous Jo said...

M - I am just SO THRILLED for you......and I want to GUSH advice all over you. But. I will not. Just know this - I planned a FABULOUS KICK-BUTT wedding in four months on VERY LITTLE it can be done. HOO-RAY for you. Can't wait to hear ALL the details......

(and let me know any questions you have and I will talk until you ears fall off)

Karen said...

OMG. i JUST reread this. randy's and my anniversary is may 19th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a fabulous day for a wedding. :)

now for the advice part: what i wish i would have done differently:
(keep in mind i was 21 and had only been to 1 wedding before. i had no idea what the hell i was doing)
1.) spent the cash on a great photographer. i used an aquaintance that was just starting out. he didn't deliver. we didn't want a lot of traditional shots and unfortunately that's what i got. you have the benefit of having TONS of great photographers around here. there is also my friend melanie in north carolina who is awesome and pretty cheap (i would think cheap enough to fly out here). but again, there are a lot of people around here that are or know great photographers.

2.) had cooler flowers. this is something that i had no idea about. mine sucked.

3.)go with a cake bakery that is really great. if you want a cake. you don't HAVE to have a cake. actually, you don't have to have anything you don't WANT to have. just keep that in mind with everything.

4.) something i did that i loved was to keep the decorations simple. the church we were married in was really beautiful and i just didn't do any flowers. only candles.

i can't think of anything else right now. :)

poppy said...


enjoy the process!

AJ Fabulous said...

Meridith, I'm so excited for you!!! CONGRATS!!!! :)

andrea said...

oh wow-- I don't know where to start. in a nutshell-- I paid way too much attention to the 'rules' in the bridal magazines. what can i say? I was young. that being said, we still managed to pull off a ceremony that was very 'us', very original. and with very little money.

what I would've done differently:

it's a long story but I gave in on a lot of things to please my mom. I wanted her to be happy and excited and so I chose a dress that wasn't entirely my dream dress (close, but not 'the' dress). while she did a fab job with the flowers, they were (mostly)
artificial (except for my bouquet and ward's boutenniere) and I wanted the real thing. also, I regret not having a band (or some kind of music) at our reception. never got to have that first dance with ward, with my dad. AND: I think now maybe I would arrange my entire budget around renting a photobooth. :) kidding. kind of not.

still, there's not too much I'd change about that day. most of the time, we tried to find the balance between family harmony and doing what we felt was right for us. oh, we should definitely talk! you'll have a beautiful and personal ceremony, no doubt about it...