Saturday, October 28, 2006


this little blue bird card from good on paper

this bit of vintage fabric from the blogof designer lena corwin, as well as her gorgeous wedding featured in martha stewart weddings summer '06 issue. i found these photos of the lovely event on flickr featuring "artfully mismatched fabrics and crockery".


Karen said...

i love both of those. i am a sucker for orange and pink together.

andrea said...

if I had a chance to re-do my wedding, this would totally be the way I'd go-- mismatched and vintage with pops of color like pink and red and orange and turquoise. low-key and offbeat and relaxed. the flickr set is ridiculously lovely and I'm telling you-- it would be sooo easy to throw up some 70's style floral printed sheets and/or fabric and have folks pose in front of them. I am so stealing that idea for my next party. or just for whatever, since I never really throw parties.

Anonymous said...

That pink and orange fabric looks very familiar. i have a table cloth in a similar print in (guess what?) green and yellow that was your grandmother's... i love it!

poppy said...

yah - love this red and pink floral! this all sounds so fun put together like that! looking forward to hearing all your plans!