Sunday, June 25, 2006


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think pink.
this is from one of a set of gorgeous trays that zabs gave me last year for my birthday.

i've enjoyed this color party and i gotta say i am sad to see it end. if there's an after-party.....somebody please let me know. this proved my theory.....i'd write more (and blog more) if i just had some direction or topic ideas to get me going.

so here's your big chance. tell me, readers (if in fact you are still out there)........what would you like to read from me?


poppy said...

i'm here! and i'm loving these photos you're taking! i always enjoy reading whatever you right so the combo will be dynamite i'm sure!

andrea said...

I know! I was sad to see it go too. would you up for doing it again? with the craziness of an impending move I'm not going to have time for the flow of words to come to me. posting of photos of colors was such an easy way to keep it going, to keep my creative levels up. would love to do it again... gimme a holla.