Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i could just cry

2 years of writing down the drain

it's a long story, but i had this stupid idea to start another stupid, stupid blog and then i changed my mind and somehow in the process of trying to delete the stupid blog i deleted this blog and

that is almost 2 years of writing and memories and comments and laughter


i am so frustrated right now, that there really are not words to describe it. i honestly had the idea that this blog would be a little bit of history to keep throughout life.


edit at 4:54pm:
well thank you google for being brilliant. because google has cache's of many web pages i was able to locate and save alot of my posts......maybe even most of them.



joy madison said...

I was going to suggest talking to blogger about it, b/c they have back ups too! Phew!!!!! I'm glad you found most of them!

mommy zabs said...

I'm so so so glad that you were ablt to get most back, what a bummer.

Glamorous Jo said...

Meredith! I could cry for you! But I'm glad you found most of them.......that is TRAGIC. I'm reeling......

Karen said...

i'm so glad you were able to get them back! omg i don't know what i would do if that happened to me!

so what was the other blog going to be about?

lulu said...

oh my goodness! i am so glad for your edit at the bottom of the screen...i was tearing up for you and your loss. i hope most have been found.

each month i try to go thru and save the month to my desktop just in case of a disaster...just in case you are looking for another backup.

andrea said...

ooooohhhh, I'm so sorry... but so glad you were able to rescue some of them! these kinds of things freak me out, man. I've been wanting to print out all my blog entries for so long now... I've got to stop putting it off!

wordcraft said...