Sunday, April 16, 2006


happy easter. i don't like eating peeps but i like taking pictures of them. i have a sweet tooth like no other but i don't have a taste for peeps, jellybeans or lots of other candies. give me chocolate.....give me cadbury eggs (the ones with a shell and the ones with the candy yolks). so have a happy easter full of love and sweets and most of all thankfulness for what this day really means.


joy madison said...

I don't eat much chocolate, but I love the cadburry's with the shell!

mommy zabs said...

the thought of peeps makes my teeth hurt! Love you ,miss you.
Happy easter (and thanks for the card... i laughed hard.)

lulu said...

peeps are an important part of the candy eating experience in our home. but i do my best to only buy one box and when its gone it is gone! of course now they are sold on every major holiday so it is not like we have to wait forever to have them again!

Karen said...

i love this picture.

hate peeps. love chocolate.