Sunday, February 14, 2010

cucos: the best mexican food in columbus, oh

after living in ohio for 16 years (wow, that's unreal) i have finally found a really good mexican restaurant.

Cuco's Market & Taqueria
2162 West Henderson Road
Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 538-8701

a random google search for an italian restaurant actually lead me to a page of glowing reviews for this place, each one better than the last and declaring it authentic and hard to believe there was a place this good in ohio. we decided to try it yesterday. nathan had authentic taqueria style tacos this past year and has been on the search for places here that have them. the best part is this place is very close to where we live so we went for lunch yesterday.

the decor is colorful and lively without being tacky, it's fun. we were seated promptly and served a basket of warm tortilla chips and a really tasty salsa. simple but good.

the menu is expansive, from chorizo and eggs or even pancakes for breakfast to ceviche and tortas. the non-alcoholic beverage selection was impressive as well (they serve Coca-Cola not Pepsi which is always a plus in our book!) with mexican soda like Jarritos and Aqua Fresca and something called "The Rusa" which I had to try. It was served in a large margarita glass rimmed with salt and contained the citrus soft drink Squirt mixed with a liberal amount of lime juice and served over ice. Heaven in a glass! Since I've been expecting I crave lime beverages (limeade mixed with club soda) like crazy and this was pure heaven for me. So much so i promptly went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients to make it myself. i can't wait to try the aqua frescas some hot summer day!

nathan orderd the beef tacos with a nice portion of delicious steak topped with onions and cilantro on a corn tortilla. i ordered the tri color enchildas: One beef enchilada with salsa verde, one chicken enchilada with cheese sauce and one cheese enchilada with salsa roja, garnished with lettuce and sour cream. it was the most delicious cheese enchilada i've ever had. we both enjoyed every bite of our food.

needless to say......we will be back. great food and not too expensive either. delish!


Mary said...

Cuco's is awesome! Can't wait to go back!

nathansmart said...

don't forget I also had a chipotle chicken taco - which I think was better tasting.

henzy said...

oh all the food looks delish.. just a few states away from me

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cuco's is the best-kept secret in Columbus. We are from New Mexico and Arizona and this is definitely the closest thing we've found to home.