Wednesday, December 30, 2009

won't you stay christmas?

i wish christmas would last until valentines day. would it be so awful if i left up my tree for most of january? is it any different than my friends who put theirs up before thanksgiving? we are having a lovely christmas. we went to georgia and enjoyed time with my mother's family where we had southern deep fried turkey, senator russell sweet potatoes, cornbread dressing and all the other fixings. it was so lovely. i stood outside and breathed in the georgia air and it felt like home. we also went to my grandmothers where we had honey baked home and the most delicious melt in your mouth rolls made by my aunt made from butter, butter and more butter. we even got to stop by to see one of my very oldest and dearest friends at her new restaurant in lagrange, ga called "low country" featuring "coastal southern cuisine". they redecorated and renovated an old victorian house and made it beautiful with a blend of pottery barn modern and a touch of nautical. then there's the food.......coca cola in the bottle, sweet tea, hand battered fried chicken, bourbon pecan pie. mouth wateringly good food at a reasonable price. so as you can see we ate our way through christmas and it's not over yet. we are home now. the tree is lit and the vintage ornaments shine and make this room so cozy. there's dinner in the oven to be taken to friends with a brandy new baby. there's a pancake breakfast to be made in the morning with another very special friend who just got engaged. then a new years party with music and friends. new years day will bring our christmas celebration with my husband's side of the family. then we get to bask in the glow of it all and enjoy the snow and so many reasons to be thankful.


mommy zabs said...

Oh that look delish... However I'm more of a tree up before thanksgiving, down before new years type girl :) I love to bring it on, but am ready to bring it out. :) Glad you had a good time going home- this will be a very blessed year for you. Happy New Year!

nathansmart said...

nice and juicy