Friday, January 02, 2009

happy new year

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welcome 2009
we are so glad to see you and praying for ...mercy, grace, love, hope in this new year. we could use some around here.

nathan's mom is in the hospital in critical condition, her lungs aren't functioning properly and they don't know why...some things have been ruled out, some suspected, but there's a lot of waiting going on. we would certainly appreciate all the prayers we can get. her name is pam and she's pretty much the best mother in law anyone could ever have.

there is still so much to be thankful for. so, so much. i am reminded at times like this that not only everything we have but our every breath is a gift from God.

soon i hope there will be some celebrating of answered prayers and here's to brighter days ahead.......


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any news today? keep us updated... xoxo

PS your blog is so darling; your new year's entry was precious. and so glad to see "good job" listed on your thankfuls -- you surely have earned it, from so many who work with you!