Saturday, December 01, 2007

my addiction

i guess it's time for me to come clean with you guys. i am an addict.
i am addicted to the food network!
seriously. i don't care what anthony bourdain says i love watching it. i really enjoyed watching the next iron chef america. lately i think my favorite thing to watch are the challenges. i particularly enjoyed the 'edible ornaments' challenge and the one where they had to make a haunted house out of gingerbread. i get kind of bored with emeril and bobby flay but i love watching paula deen, rachel ray $40/day, alton brown (especially the one where he's traveling around the country), unwrapped, dinner impossible, 2 dudes catering. i love the stuff with a story behind it or a challenge. watching emeril crank it up a notch doesn't do much and neither does sandra dee or lee or whatever her name is. the thing where bobby flay challenges people is kind of sad to me because here are these nice people thinking they have a tv crew doing a special on them and then it turns in them having to defend their honor in their hometown. boo. that's not cool to me.

so now you know what i spent alot of my time at home doing. my down time and relaxation usually involves me...the laptop and the food network. there's just something so comforting about it. i love to cook too and the food network has definitely inspired me and taught me quite a bit. every since i was a kid i loved watching cooking shows and daydreamed about having my own someday. i love that i can now watch them pretty much any time of day (except during the 3am -9am infomercials, what's up with that?).


saylor days said...

haha i love it too! and i'm in love with anthony burdain and remember him putting down the food network in a book or something.i miss the show he had on there,i don't know if he still has any shows on? i love unwrapped too.. 30minute meals,everyday italian! and ace of cakes is a new fave.we don't even have cable right now but when we do...i'm right there with you.bliss!

Robin Oatts said...

there is something annoying lovely about barefoot contessa. maybe it's my new love for the new england area and jealousy of her cape cod dinner parties. i want to hate her but instead...i only love her.

shutterthink said...

Robin! I was just about to post almost the same comment...I love Barefoot Contessa and I don't know why. Oh, Food Network, I miss you.

Anonymous said...