Tuesday, November 20, 2007


do you understand that it is 12.46 am and i just spent the last 2 hours of my life with my husband and a bunch of the nerdiest looking kids i've ever seen at a gamestop store waiting to get "rock band" at it's midnight release? that my friends is true love. :) do you know what else has to do with 12? this. this awesome little find by andrea that shot me back to about 1978. when will someone wake up and smell the coffee and release a dvd set of sesame street from the 70's? if they have already please tell me.

update @ 1:08am my wish has been granted!


Ward Jenkins said...

Yeah, you know that the Vol. 1 has the Pinball Countdown that Andrea (and you) linked here.

Right on!

andrea said...

ah! I knew ward would beat me to comment! amazon has the dvd, volume one and they seriously call it 'old school sesame street'. also, type in 'vintage sesame street' or 'classic sesame street' on youtube and prepare to be immediately transported back to your childhood! I came across so many clips of old sesame street faves, I wanted to cry. and I showed them all to the kids, which made me even happier about the whole affair. all the more reason to buy the vol. 1 dvd!

yes! kindred spirits are we, my friend. totally. :)

ed said...