Tuesday, October 23, 2007


ok so i have a question for anyone that wants to answer. i want to make one of those nifty digital photo books of all our wedding pictures, the kind that you order and it comes back look like your own bound book. has anyone ordered these before and/or any reccomendations on the best company to go with. there are quite a few to choose from.


Karen said...

i'm going to forward this post to my friend melanie (on lj her username is "unblinkable"). she's a professional photographer (her specialty is weddings) and she uses the kind of books you're talking about. i'd consider her very well-informed on this!

Melanie said...

Hi! I'm the afore-mentioned "Melanie". :D

There is a great company that's just hit it big with photographers. It's http://www.couturebook.com and they currently sell to the public, though many are petitioning them to close their accounts to professionals. If you can get in with them, it would be great. I have a friend who uses them for his portfolios and he LOVES the quality. Nothing else in the public market comes close.

Sara Gallaugher said...

the books that melanie are talking about look amazing. i went and checked them out. they are beautiful!!!!!!!! if you want to look at another option that is a little cheaper i would check out http://www.mypublisher.com/index.php
they have a 40% off deal until november 4th. i am sure that couture is quality is amazing. my sister used publisher for her books from bulgaria. they looked really good. i am going to do books for the kids from publisher. i am sure you books will be amazing who ever you use.

sara gallaugher

Anonymous said...





You can make books with iPhoto if you are on a Mac.

Hope this helps!

Zack Arias
Atlanta, GA


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