Thursday, May 10, 2007

looking for directions

does anyone know how to make this fruit display or where to find directions for something like this? it's stumping some of the most talented girls in the kitchen i know. i want to do something like this at a little party we are throwing next weekend. :)

edit: 5/14/07
we have figured out pretty much how to make this using skewers and florist wreaths but does anyone know where i could find some grape leaves?


Karen said...

i can tell you what i *think* it might be:
hollowed out and scalloped honeydew and cantaloupes, with melon balled (i'm guessing that the reddish melon is watermelon) -you can use a spoon or just spring for a melon baller. the dips *may* be something i've done before which ROCKS: sour cream in one, brown sugar in the next, and then coconut. i've predipped fruit with it, but it melts. it sounds like it might not taste good, but trust me, it does. the stuff in the silver pot is probably chocolate fondue.
as for getting the fruit display to stay in one place, my guess is that it's all just carefully leaning on eachother.

i hope i'm not already telling you stuff you already know. if i am? then please disregard. :)

John Kaiser said...

Looks like it involves a lot of knife work. Looks complicated.

jessica aebi said...

Here is where I would look for fresh grape leaves..
1)Post something on Craig's list. Someone in columbus is bound to have a grape vine in their yard who would be willing to give away some of the leaves.
2)A florist-this will probably be expensive, but I bet they could order them for you if you gave them some advanced notice.
3)Middle eastern grocery--even here, it is hard to find them fresh. They are almost always canned.