Saturday, January 13, 2007

one moment in time

i'm stealing this one from the lovely andrea. it's kind of funny to read today because i wrote it 3 days ago at work.

two names you go by:

mel, mD, death, mimi, goldie stereo

two parts of your heritage:


two things that scare you:

horror movies

two everyday essentials:

orbit green gum

two things you are wearing right now:

my great big winter coat
my engagement ring :)

two of your favorite current bands/artists:

sufjan stevens

two things you want in a relationship (other than love):


two truths:

i am going to spinning class today for the 2nd time and i am afraid i will pass out
martin luther king day has a special place in my heart

two favorite hobbies:


two things you have to do this week:

take a little road trip to cleveland
babysit 2 very sweet boys

two stores you shop at:

the papyrus stationary outlet

two favorite sports:

wii sports bowling
roller skating

two shows you like to watch:

gilmore girls
the office

two things you'd buy if money were no object:

a beautifully and comfortably furnished condo downtown overlooking the city

unlimited flight vouchers to use anywhere, anytime

two wishes for 2007:

for may 19th to be a beautiful, calm, peaceful, non stressful, magical day full of love, laugther and togetherness

to learn to be a wonderful wife and to share more love than ever with my family and friends


Nathan Smart said...

Oh great.. Romance too? I'm screwed..

lulu said...

hee hee, i feel like im a fly on the wall. ... very fun! i may steal it!

Glamorous Jo said...

Love this.....and I can't watch scary movies either...YIPES!

Jocelyn said...

love this post. simple concept but tells alot.

andrea said...

oh yes! loved reading this. lovelovelove.