Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i can feel it coming.

it's creeping up, slowly but surely. today i can really feel it in the wind that blows past me from my open window. the tree outside, the one that acts as a signal for all the seasons is starting to show tips of orangey red on the once bright green leaves. there may be some more days to come of indian summer but i know autumn is coming. i can feel it. it's my favorite season of all.


mommy zabs said...

i love the view from your window :) I'm with you fall is wonderful!

Glamorous Jo said...

You have no idea the thrill I get from long-sleeved t-shirts. oh Fall....I love thee.

wordcraft said...

bulky sweaters
hazlenut lattes
toasty afternoons
nippy nights
fireplace aromas
festival food
prep and college football
summer memories
ripening pumpkins
turkeys trembling
frosty windshields
holiday expectations

andrea said...

fall comes a little later down south (as you probably already know) but we're starting to get hints of it down here as well. today feels a little crisper around the edges. and though I am self-professed lover of summer, I'm usually ready for the season to change... ready for corduroy jackets and boots... ready for pumpkins and cool breezes.

Jocelyn said...

i love the fall, too. can't wait to bust out the sweater with jeans on a cool crisp night. love the pic, too.

Aunt Pooh said...

I actually made it through a morning without breaking sweat! You, too, will understand this when you are 56!

poppy said...

one of my favorite times of year too! gorgeous view!