Wednesday, July 12, 2006

le cool

if you are traveling to europe sometime soon...or like me and would just like to pretend that you are jetting off to london, barcelona, madrid, amsterdam or lisboa (a.k.a. lisbon) this weekend.......then is for you. it is self described as "...a Spanish-based publisher of highly selective editorial products. It began in February 2003 with le cool magazine Barcelona, a free and funky weekly agenda sent by email in English and Spanish. It recommends bars, restaurants and unusual experiences, always with an eye for the personal and unpredictable." i am just learning about it today, after having read about it at (the aptly named), but it's so popular that there is now a book available for purchase, titled "le cool changed my life". raise your hand if just reading this makes you want this book too! view some sample pages and buy your own copy here


Glamorous Jo said...

Hand Raised!

poppy said...

yay! this looks fun! how i would love to get away to barcelona or something right now!