Monday, May 21, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

looking for directions

does anyone know how to make this fruit display or where to find directions for something like this? it's stumping some of the most talented girls in the kitchen i know. i want to do something like this at a little party we are throwing next weekend. :)

edit: 5/14/07
we have figured out pretty much how to make this using skewers and florist wreaths but does anyone know where i could find some grape leaves?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

chic and cheap!

can i just say first of all how much i love going to target? the prices, the fun stuff, the way they bring in high end designers to make fashionable pieces affordable for the masses? i can spend hours there, easy. so now they have done it again. say goodbye to being a slave to the overpriced bridal industry. target now has a line of wedding dresses and accessories for amazingly low prices. it's all designed by issac mizrahi and is avaiable exclusively at dresses start at $89 and the veils are $18.99. there are faux pashmina shawls, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, handbags, everything you need. so if you like simple lines are looking for style on a dime for your wedding, definitely check it out.

just so you know, i am just under 2 weeks from my own wedding and i've been in the trenches of budget wedding planning for 7 months. when we get back from the honeymoon i plan to blog all about how it is possible to have a wedding on budget and still love the style of it all.